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We hope to co-create your dream

More About Us

What is Vpon Ventures?

Vpon Ventures is the strategic investment arm of Vpon Big Data Group. This evergreen fund makes investment in big data, A.I. and new economy related-companies and startups in Asia. And through the strategic partnerships, we’re focused on strengthening cooperation and building the Asian big data ecosystem.

What kind of company does Vpon Ventures invest in?

Vpon Venture's investment will concentrate on big data, A.I. and new economy-related industries in Asia, covering companies and startups.

Which market(s) would be prioritized?

The priority will be in Asia, mainly in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia and PRC, etc.

How can we get your financial support?

After our evaluation, the expected amount of capital injection, proportion of shares, collaboration format and other essential business resources shall be considered, which may also be subject to conditions.

What are the key factors for the investment evaluation?

Industry trends, team capabilities and its competitive strengths (how could you stand out or how to answer the market needs), profit model, operating figures of the past 1 to 2 years, financial plan.

What are the co-operation models?

Capital increase, M&A, Strategic Partnership Development.

How long will it take to get the evaluation result after the proposal submission?

Case by case, and it depends on the material submitted and the pitching performance.